Turning Stereo into Alarm Clock?

Hi everyone... I'm curious how I would go about waking up to music via my stereo system (ie using it as my alarm clock). I'm using a Plinius 8200 integrated amp , Yamaha T-2 tuner, and Rega Planet 2000 CD player. Thanks!
Did you watch the movie Ford Fairlane with Andrew Dice Clay where he awoke to Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze?
Various companies used to make their own version of "audio timers" back in the late 70's and 80's. You can find these on Ebay under Pioneer, etc... Don't know how / what they do to the components in terms of messing with the AC delivery though. Sean
Man...that would be awesome...if you wnted to wake up gently you could have some windham hill set to play...and on the days when you absolutely had to get out of bed on time...then Pink Floyd's 'Time' on DSOTM would rattle your cage.
Are there any remotes that have built in timers that would set it off as an alarm clock?
I did this for a while with my stereo. It costs nothing... as long as you have a computer is in the same room as your stereo.

All you do is hook up your PC to your preamp with an analog cable. Assuming you're running windows, go to Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks. Here you can set specific times/days to launch certain applications. I assigned the generic program "cdplayer", a windows application, a time to launch every day (you can also specify which days to launch).

There is an option in cdplayer that plays a disc automatically when the program is opened. This must be enabled for the "alarm" to work.
Pretty slick ketchup

I have a Sansui timer, three oulets on the back (two-pronged outlets, you'd need to use cheater plugs with standard three-pronged power cords). You can use it as a sleep timer and an "alarm clock". $75 + ship if you're so inclined.

Regards, Jeff
Thanks everyone... Are there any other ideas? The thing is that I don't have a computer in the same room... I also don't want to mess with AC delivery to my amp and cd player... I would accept doing something with the tuner..

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This is tough because I get the feeling that you don't want to compromise sound quality at all. If you're not too concerned about it, though, you could always just buy a regular alarm clock with a cd player and an analog out and hook it to your preamp.
Use the Clapper! Clap off at night, clap on in the morning.

Hmmm... I not quite sure that this is going to be possible... Can anyone recommend a good alarm clock? All the ones that I see are ugly and have poor sond quality...
Nakamichi used to make an INCREDIBLE sounding alarm clock...I saw it years ago...but I'll bet they still have something. I think the alarm clock w/ cd option w/ long ic's to the main rig sounds like a winner to me.