turning amp on vs tweater hiss

I've been had my amp turned on since last week. While I was walking by my speakers, I just noticed the fact that even without any music playing, if the amp is turned on, hiss comes out from the tweaters.

Now, with my amp left on music sounds better, but in addition tweaters will get signal (which generates hiss) 24/7. Is it going to damage the tweaters in anyway?

Should I continue to leave my amp on or not?
It will not damage your tweeters. Leave it on if you like the way it sounds.
i have spoken to the krell, and classe rep and they both say that a that a low level hiss is normal, it is recomended by every audio company to leave the their equipment on,
If you turn sim audio equipment off (found out my self) it takes about 2 hours after activation for the amp to get up to par. In gerneral everyone has a hiss to a certain extent, That is a part of the high end game!!