Turnable database with TimeLine

Here is a database showing various turntables being tested for speed accuracy and speed consistency using the Sutherland TimeLine strobe device. Members are invited to add their own videos showing their turntables.

Victor TT-101 with music

Victor TT-101 stylus drag

SME 30/12

Technics SP10 MK2a

Denon DP-45F
Peterayer, At one point I had 3 KAB strobes that I was using and I use and saw some slight variations of frequency setting with each one. I use an industrial grade voltage/frequency converter to control the speed and since I had AC strobes, I didn't much of it before and the variations were small nothing to be concerned about. I only got the Ortofon unit in recently and compared to the KAB it locks the speed very slightly higher. Then I compared both to the EMT 927's strobe and the Lock speed of the Air Force One and they both fell in between the lock speeds of KAB which is slower and the Ortofon which is faster but dead on with my AC strobes. The speed variations are very small and unlike your friend I don't have perfect pitch and any of those 3 speed settings work for me.
Dkarmeli, If the KAB locks in at slightly LOWER than correct speed, as you say above, that means my Lenco was running even faster than the KAB revealed it to be, because, as noted, the KAB indicated overspeed, not underspeed. Which means my friend's sense of pitch is not as perfect as he may have thought, since he perceived the tt speed to be slightly "slow". The whole anecdote was noted just to poke fun at ourselves as a group, and the idea that we can perceive tiny errors in tt speed.

It's possible that there would be some minor variation in the performance of the KAB strobe, if there is some minor variation in whatever hardware is used in the strobe to induce it to flash with some exact frequency. Given the nature of such ICs, I would posit that the error there is very tiny, indeed.
Anyone tried the timeline with a Brinkmann table?

> Contrast that to the same Raven AC-2 with the TIMELINE where ‘stylus drag’ is confirmed and differs to the KAB results?

Your test and comparison has a potential fundamental flaw - you must first re-set steady speed with the Timeline and the stylus off the record, before you can make the claim that the Timeline is showing a drift due to stylus drag, that the KAB does not.

The reason that is in your KAB video you have a record weight which is NOT necessarily the same mass as the Timeline, in your timeline video.

A properly executed test will first set speed with whatever device is being tested, with the stylus off the record, then with the stylus on the record.

There is a likelihood that the Timeline itself is actually slowing down the playback, in your Timeline video, not stylus drag.
Halcro, It would really be interesting to see how long my TT maintains the correct speed. Unfortunately I don´t have the devices mentioned available and am not planning to purchase them in near future. Furthermore, I´m not running the Salvation motor in way the Salvation decks do, mine is merely an implementation to a different TT. The motor works more precisely with uber large platters like the Salvation.
And I quite often have issues on mains voltage stability in this remote frontier.
My video wouldn´t do justice to Vic´s magnificent TT.
I would like to see the original Salvation TT in action instead.