Turn table set up

Does anyone know how I go about finding someone to set up my tt? I thought I could do it, no way. Scoutmaster VPI. When I set the arm on pivot it sits an inch above the arm rest. The arm lift doesnt even touch the arm when I raise it. I don't have a stylus force gauge either...I'm so bummed
You might begin by stating what in what city and state you reside so readers can possibly offer help.
If you're anywhere near Scottsdale, Arizona, I will help you. Let me know.
The great loss of turntable setup folks after the 'end of vinyl' when CDs came on board. All the folks who did turntable setup vanished.
They must be with Elvis on that magic island no one can locate anymore.
I understand that Michael Framer is training his children and grand children to enter the field. It is the least he could do since he is responsible for this lack of talent. You know, running from here to there, video and all. I saw him do a set up in New York a few years ago. His comments during the process amounted to "if you are too stupid to do this right, you don't deserve to be in the hi-end'. Lovely.
Fremer is right on this, it ain't rocket science, but does require a little manual dexterity, mechanical sense, and being able to hear changes through the system in question. And, a scale! Among other tools. :-)
Hi and thanks again. I live in Apple Valley southern California. The jig did not allow the arm to move freely, I think I have to remove the rubber ring on the platter first. I ordered a force gauge. Listened to a 180 gram brand new record. Loads of pop and cracle and highs were distorded. I'll wait for the gauge to show up.
If all else fails Neyloj2, you might contact the Los Angeles Audio Society. They are a huge group with many mfgs and retailers as members. I feel certain that someone could get you expert advice.
Brooks Berdan LTD in Monrovia, Ca. is the go to guy for expert table setup. BTW other dealers even turn to Brooks at times for complex turntable issues. Business no. 626 359 9131.
Hifigary is correct. Brooks is a great dealer to contact. BTW, he is a member of the Los Angeles Audio Society.
I'm close enough to Apple Valley that I would be glad to help. I'm actually going to be in SoCal next week.

You will definitely find the help you need at Brooks Berdan as well.
Thank you all for the support. I think I actually have it close to correct. I did the jig again and moved the weight forward about 5mm. The sound that the Van den Hul mc10 produces amazes me. I won't play anymore records until my force gauge arrives. I hear thats an important step in the process. I called Brooks and he's closed until Saturday. If your around Clio maybe you can stop by and make sure I'm set up ok. Thanks again
Unfortunately won't be around this weekend. However, feel free to email me offline and maybe can exchange numbers. I've walked a few people over some of the simpler aspects of set-up over the phone. Glad you're making progress on your own though. If you nail it you will have achieved a sense of accomplishment and learned a valuable skill that will be useful in the future.
Nice table i have one myself , take the imbus screwtool unlock the VTA tower which consists of a ring you then can rotate down what will in turn make the arm drop, you still need a gauge though , its not hard to set up and if you buy a digital scale you can fine tune by yourself at ease.
The manual is somewhat confusing about arm height. I'm still researching this subject. Not sure what the correct height is. I'm still waitng on my stylus force gauge to arrive, its digital.
Dont worry the discussion/research about the correct height of the arm will last as long as humankind itself, its easy to experiment with , it doesnt cost any money and you cant break anything.