Turn Table Cable Length

I'm thinking of moving my TT to a new location that would involve cabling of about 20'.  While I appreciate great audio, perfection isn't my hunt.  I know there may be some things I give up and I'm OK with that.  Please share your thoughts on this if you don't mind.

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I'd like to thank the of you that provided excellent technical advice as well as sound opinions.  This will help me make a good choice on what to do next.  I have some homework and research to now do and will re-post back here when I come to a conclusion and solution, so, stand by please!

For those of you (and there was only one) that act like you are above it all and look down on the rest of us, and yes, you know who you are...answer me this...who taught you?  were they as dismissive towards you as you are towards others?  You realize that as a definition of "forum", nowhere does it say that part of the process of sharing ideas & views is to belittle others.  You might be better served in other forums where your vitriol is desired.
It really depends on the cartridge and how much capacitance it can tolerate.   Grado cartridges can typically tolerate a lot more capacitance than others.   Yes, getting a second preamp next to the tonearm and then running a long cable from its output makes sense if the preamp is of the quality you expect from your system.   
I have a similar situation, about 13 feet of cable from tonearms to preamp.  I bought a Stereophile Class C rated preamp, which was rather inexpensive, and put it on one tonearm leaving the other to deal with the 13 feet.   Turns out the tonearm dealing with 13 feet sounded better than the one with the preamp.   
So, I put the preamp on the other tonearm.   The long run still sounded better than the preamp run.   I wasn't expecting that result but it is what I got.   Eventually, I will put a high quality preamp next to the turntable but for now, I am listening to 13 feet of coax and the Class C rated preamp is on the tonearm I use the least.
Which Grado cartridge, and what are the components in the rest of your system?  Thanks.