turn off...

New oppo 105d runs warm...my sim i5.3 had standby...which was nice.Always ready.

Just wondering what you good people do.
Turn if off
Agree OPPO 105 gets a little warm. Seems whether to turn it off or leaving it on would depend on what ways and how often you use it. The 105 offers a wide array of functions and is pretty good to exceptionally good at them. I power down my equipment at bedtime and turn it on with the coffee pot. Suggest adding a truly better (not just more expensive) PC, PC connector and power supply upgrades and (the biggest difference maker) a tube buffer with better tubes and cables between OPPO 105 and the preamp. These cost-sensible upgrades (mindful that the 105 is built to do a lot at it's price point) did help the OPPO as a source sound less digital and more open and authentic- like real people playing music on real instruments. I'd caution against over spending on a nice but still a mass produced price point piece.
Not enough I guess to warrant leaving it on 24/7...which I did for couple/three weeks...off it goes...

ill turn on a couple hrs before listening...
My problem is I can no longer fall asleep if there is no music playing. So I put a CD on the bedroom system, fall asleep, and the system is on all night, just idling. At least that system isn't tubed! When I was a kid living with the dad, I'd fall asleep with phones on, and wake up with the "needle" thumping against the LP label, and my ears sore from the phones (Koss Pro 4AA's---ouch!).
When you turn it off, it goes into standby mode. It won't be a cold start.
cool...thanks guy for responses...
Had those and a couple other pairs of koss...incidently...I had them (pro 4aa) and decided to drag them out and put them against my grado's...well they were the cat's whisker's back then.
If you press the "Pure Audio" button (under the Netflix button) all video circuits are powered down and should reduce the heat.
What's important (to me) is when is the laser turned off?
These boogers are costly to replace. The laser in an audio player lasts about 10 years.
In a multi-player like the Oppo, it is probably 5 years.
I always turn mine off when not using.
I used to leave it on 24/7 thinking it too would appreciate the consistency but found that turned on an hr or two before listening was sufficient. Keep in mind you must have some good breathing room above it because it does run a bit warm. If closed cabinet it'll warm up a lot, if open shelf you still need over an inch or preferably 2 or more on top to keep it reasonable. I also listen in "Pure Audio" mode (no need for track displays sucking power, except for when manually switching tracks).
BTW, you should experiment with different footers too, I have found the MIGS [by Synergistic Research I think?] to be excellent.Good luck
Thanks lissnr,dweller...yeah its on top of rack...pa-lenty breathing room...have to try footer's....have some bdr flat pucks...have hsr small damper I use on top for now.Pure audio and display off is da mode.