Tuning Rel G1

I just bought REL G1 Sub-woofer, which I connected with Krell S1500 Power Amp. I am using High Level Input with Synergistic Research Tungsten cable to connect. Speakers used are B&W 802D's. I went through REL manual 4 or 5 times, and followed the directions to set it right.
Problem is I tried crossover frequency from 32HZ to 40HZ, but I cannot have a volume opened more than 6 or 7. I spoke to several people and there recommended volume level is 14 or 15. If I set the volume level on sub-woofer to 14 or 15 my apartment shakes and base is extremely high.

Any advise?
You might have also bought too much sub for your apartment.. I suspect a G2 or even a S5 might have been a better match..

Also if you bought the Rel from a dealer and spent all that $$$ maybe they'd come over to your place and help dial it in..

Also take time and read the Rel setup guide.. then read it again.. There's a lot of really good info on the correct way to setup the sub..

Did you at least get the phase correct? That's the very first thing to get setup correctly.
I dropped the Crossover from 35 to 25 and then even to 20 hz and started to increase it little by little. At 20 to 25 Hz I had to increase the volume from 6 to 9 but after 25 I had to go back to 6 otherwise the bass was too high. I also spoke to my dealer who sold me the subwoofer, his was same as I stated in my conclusion. Also last week I had Audio Professional to tune my system for room correction.
Conclusion: As everybody on the form said, volume number does not matter. Adjust it where it sounds right. Right now my sub is still set for volume number 6 and crossover of 40HZ. At 40 Hz sound stage does improve as compared to at 25Hz. There are some songs which have more bass than the others but overall the result is pretty good.