Tuning Rel G1

I just bought REL G1 Sub-woofer, which I connected with Krell S1500 Power Amp. I am using High Level Input with Synergistic Research Tungsten cable to connect. Speakers used are B&W 802D's. I went through REL manual 4 or 5 times, and followed the directions to set it right.
Problem is I tried crossover frequency from 32HZ to 40HZ, but I cannot have a volume opened more than 6 or 7. I spoke to several people and there recommended volume level is 14 or 15. If I set the volume level on sub-woofer to 14 or 15 my apartment shakes and base is extremely high.

Any advise?

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Just read the specs on the 802 Diamond
34hz - 28khz +/- 6db
27hz at -6db
I would set the crossover closer to 27hz and go from there
Are you trying to add to the bass the B&W's can do plus pick up what they can't? I have my Rel B3 set to ONLY pick up what my speakers can't do. A lot of recordings just doesn't have deep bass. If you try to make up bass that isn't there you screw up everything when there is a lot of it. Remember the crossover in the Rel (or any for that matter) don't cut off where you set it just like speakers. The way you have it set at 35hz you are adding bass to what the B&W's already do. Humor me and set the crossover at 25 and tell me how it sounds. Then slowly cross it over higher if needed.

The other thing that would help is make sure the bass from the sub isn't leading or lagging the speakers. You may have to move it an inch or 2 at a time to find the right blend.
Trcns First I'm not into HT. But I can answer your first 2 questions.
1) The Sub peaks out at 25hz but is not cut off completely. Like the speakers are not cut off at 34hz they are still going to 27hz but at a lower loudness. And the sub is still adding above 25hz again at a lower loudness. You want to find the crossover point where the 2 blend together.

That brings up phasing/timing. If the sub is 180 degrees out of phase with the mains you will get very deep bass but a huge suck out at the lowest the mains can do because the low frequency waves are cancelling each other. Don't rely on the sub phase adjustment to get them to be in sync. You may need to move the sub a bit closer or farther to achieve that. Again you don't want the bass from the sub either leading or lagging the bass from the mains. IMO that's the hardest adjustment.

2) Yes it will but minor. I didn't believe that until I got a demo with Dyn C4's and a Rel B1 playing a track of Diana Krall. Her voice sounded much richer and fuller with the sub. What was interesting it wasn't that way with all tracks. When I asked why it wasn't the same with all tracks he told me he couldn't explain it. But when he was trained by Rel to be a dealer they suggested that track to use as a selling point (BTW I don't remember the track or cd) .

Hope that helps