Tuning my system towards a darker tone

I am trying to tune my system in a darker direction; as I have a bright ( lots of glass) listening area and have been directed by my interior designer ( aka wife) not to add room treatments.  Starting with power cords, then possibly ICs would like to find a natural sounding power cord but with a darker tone.  System includes: leben cs 600 amplifier, Linn Akurate Streamer DAC, Feikert Volare TT, Luxman CD player.  Current power cords include Luna, Audio Art and Raven.  Note: my speaker cables are not in play as they are within the walls and were picked to appease building codes in our area.  My price range for cord 500-1000.


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The darkest power cable I ever tried was a Pangea from Audio Advisor; to the point I had to remove it from my system. Perhaps it would provide the sonics you’re seeking.

I too have a lot of glass in my main listening room - an entire 9.5 ft wall from floor to ceiling, made up of primarily 4 large individual glass panels. I found that I was able to reduce the sonic glare created by the glass by using one Synergistic Research HFT on the center of each of the glass panels. The HFT’s are so small that I’ve never had anyone even notice that they are there. You may want to consider using HFT’s throughout your room too, assuming your wife agrees that they really are inconspicuous. I have found that they are no substitute for bass traps (which I use as well) but they do help in dispersion and mitigating some of the undesirable reflective frequencies are certain materials. I find HFT’s are best used in conjunction with conventional room treatments and not as a standalone product. But they work great with with the glass in my case.

I'd say your tuning is going to be simple: Turn the speakers so the tweets are not on-axis of your head.

Are you saying that the tweeters should be pointed to cross in front or behind the listener's head?

Maybe they should not cross at all. They could point straight across the room.

I asked because I have the similarly designed O/96's and they sound terrible pointed straight out.  In my room they sound best with the tweeters crossing right at the listening position which is how John DeVore suggests as a starting point when adjusting toe-in.  Even opened just a little bit loses a lot of sound quality/soundstage in my room.  I thought you were suggesting some form of extreme toe-in which piqued my curiosity as I had never tried that before - until this evening.  Nope, that degrades sound as well so back to the way I had it.