Tuning my system towards a darker tone

I am trying to tune my system in a darker direction; as I have a bright ( lots of glass) listening area and have been directed by my interior designer ( aka wife) not to add room treatments.  Starting with power cords, then possibly ICs would like to find a natural sounding power cord but with a darker tone.  System includes: leben cs 600 amplifier, Linn Akurate Streamer DAC, Feikert Volare TT, Luxman CD player.  Current power cords include Luna, Audio Art and Raven.  Note: my speaker cables are not in play as they are within the walls and were picked to appease building codes in our area.  My price range for cord 500-1000.


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Solution found:
I await my TWL digital cord.
In the meantime I rotated a Luna Orange Power Cord ( from my amplifier) into my CD player and noted immediate relief; the treble is much better controlled!
Hopefully the TWL digital cord will work as well and allow for the return of the Luna to my amplifier.
Thanks for all of the advice and suggestions.
Stay safe!  The vaccine is here; but till them do what Dr Fauci recommends.

I recently ordered aTriode Wire lab cord and await its delivery !
Apparently stuck in USPS morass