Tuning my system towards a darker tone

I am trying to tune my system in a darker direction; as I have a bright ( lots of glass) listening area and have been directed by my interior designer ( aka wife) not to add room treatments.  Starting with power cords, then possibly ICs would like to find a natural sounding power cord but with a darker tone.  System includes: leben cs 600 amplifier, Linn Akurate Streamer DAC, Feikert Volare TT, Luxman CD player.  Current power cords include Luna, Audio Art and Raven.  Note: my speaker cables are not in play as they are within the walls and were picked to appease building codes in our area.  My price range for cord 500-1000.


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I just found the measurements. Based on this:


I'd say your tuning is going to be simple:  Turn the speakers so the tweets are not on-axis of your head.


1. Thick curtains, floor coverings, including between and behind your speakers, as well as see if you can convince her to try GIK Art Panels. You can experiment non-destructively and free by using bedding here, see if you like the results.


Don’t forget the ceiling!

2. Consider actual tone controls, like Schiit:


or, if you use Roon, use it’s great parametric EQ.

3. Next, talk to DeVore, but I believe they use Clarity Caps? If so, replace the tweeter caps with the CSA instead of CMR line. They might even have a tweeter mod like a padding resistor idea.

4. Point your speakers so they are flat to the wall behind them.

5. Wireworld’s Eclipse line is pretty dark, especially speaker cables.

Of these, the place to start are turning the speakers, room acoustics and tone controls. Trying to fix these up with new cables is, IMHO, madness. If your religion forbids tone controls, the next most effective idea is a speaker mod (#3, above).

Maybe they should not cross at all.  They could point straight across the room.
Well, really depends. Going only on the measurements, it does seem you can reduce the treble quite a bit by using the toe-in.

Obviously, don't make them suck. :)