Tuning my system towards a darker tone

I am trying to tune my system in a darker direction; as I have a bright ( lots of glass) listening area and have been directed by my interior designer ( aka wife) not to add room treatments.  Starting with power cords, then possibly ICs would like to find a natural sounding power cord but with a darker tone.  System includes: leben cs 600 amplifier, Linn Akurate Streamer DAC, Feikert Volare TT, Luxman CD player.  Current power cords include Luna, Audio Art and Raven.  Note: my speaker cables are not in play as they are within the walls and were picked to appease building codes in our area.  My price range for cord 500-1000.

The darkest power cable I ever tried was a Pangea from Audio Advisor; to the point I had to remove it from my system. Perhaps it would provide the sonics you’re seeking.

I too have a lot of glass in my main listening room - an entire 9.5 ft wall from floor to ceiling, made up of primarily 4 large individual glass panels. I found that I was able to reduce the sonic glare created by the glass by using one Synergistic Research HFT on the center of each of the glass panels. The HFT’s are so small that I’ve never had anyone even notice that they are there. You may want to consider using HFT’s throughout your room too, assuming your wife agrees that they really are inconspicuous. I have found that they are no substitute for bass traps (which I use as well) but they do help in dispersion and mitigating some of the undesirable reflective frequencies are certain materials. I find HFT’s are best used in conjunction with conventional room treatments and not as a standalone product. But they work great with with the glass in my case.
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1. Thick curtains, floor coverings, including between and behind your speakers, as well as see if you can convince her to try GIK Art Panels. You can experiment non-destructively and free by using bedding here, see if you like the results.


Don’t forget the ceiling!

2. Consider actual tone controls, like Schiit:


or, if you use Roon, use it’s great parametric EQ.

3. Next, talk to DeVore, but I believe they use Clarity Caps? If so, replace the tweeter caps with the CSA instead of CMR line. They might even have a tweeter mod like a padding resistor idea.

4. Point your speakers so they are flat to the wall behind them.

5. Wireworld’s Eclipse line is pretty dark, especially speaker cables.

Of these, the place to start are turning the speakers, room acoustics and tone controls. Trying to fix these up with new cables is, IMHO, madness. If your religion forbids tone controls, the next most effective idea is a speaker mod (#3, above).
Are we assuming here that there is a relation in the external world between "dark" when used of light (glass), and "dark" when used of tone?  
Some may disagree but I think you may bring about a more noticeable change by swopping in different ICs rather than PC(s).

If you explore power conditions, strong rec. for Puritan PSM 156.
I just found the measurements. Based on this:


I'd say your tuning is going to be simple:  Turn the speakers so the tweets are not on-axis of your head.


just seems like a waste that you can spend all this money on this system and that is ok.....but you cant do any kind of room treatments.....and you are now looking at band-aids to fix the room issue.
You may want to try adjusting the rake angle of the speakers before actually moving them around if you feel you have them dialed in the way you like other than being bright. In other words, tipping them back a little will probably do it but you may need to angle them out a little bit too like Erik suggested.

I'd say your tuning is going to be simple: Turn the speakers so the tweets are not on-axis of your head.

Are you saying that the tweeters should be pointed to cross in front or behind the listener's head?
I called that "golden plate" and i am very proud of my creation 😊 :

shungite plate of 100 gram or more+the external side of it covered with thin copper tape....

Total cost : peanuts

Put them on your power conditioner or on your cheap power chord(no need to pay much)

The golden plate will lower the noise level and will help to tame the higher frequencies ....It will not replace an acoustical embedding control and treatment but it will help at no cost....It will enhance the power chord effect anyway precisely in the direction you want .....

No need to thanks me either....
@mahgister — you continue to spread so many nuggets of infinite audio wisdom. Yet I never see anyone thanking you or showing even a modicum of gratitude. What gives?

Maybe they should not cross at all.  They could point straight across the room.
@mahgister — you continue to spread so many nuggets of infinite audio wisdom. Yet I never see anyone thanking you or showing even a modicum of gratitude. What gives?
Thank you for your kind consideration...

Some have thank me already and it is enough for me and i was glad to be helping a little with my limited knowledge coming only from my experiment....

But you must know that what i have done is very unorthodox, and was done with homemade materials, then it is easy to think that it is silly or delusional for many and i understand that....

But it is very simple to verify and test my peanut cost " golden plate" for example.... I use them all along my electrical grid main spots...And the effect is a decreasing of the noise floor and it is audible....I dont sell anything, my result are there free to try and it is the reason why audio forum exist....

For the rest it is perhaps too crazy for most people and also not so esthetical ( especially my complex acoustical embeddings controls)... But my goal was transforming my system to his highest potential level with the less money invested possible and by my homemade devices only.... i succeed....

That worked so good that "upgrading" is for me superfluous....For sure if i could i will replace my marvellous Sansui AU 7700 amplifier and my very good speakers Mission Cyrus with better one but between 350 dollars for the set i own, versus 4000 us dollars for Harbeth speakers and 6,000 for a Berning amplifier, the gulf is for me too large....Anyway what i listen to now is the best i had listen to in my life so i would be afraid to upgrade with less quality gear that these stupendous 2 components i just mention.... I will stay with very good one anyway if i dont win the loto....

But i have other ideas to improve my room for example coming from my imagination 😊 even if for the last month i only listen my music without even thinking that i lack something soundwise....But perfection is a goal for an infinite experiment....

I will did a new fun, no-cost, experiment in a week or 2....And describe it in my thread....

you continue to spread so many nuggets of infinite audio wisdom.

I will not react to this gentle irony otherwise, except by saying that if you think about what i said without prejudice you will know that it is probably right... For me it is not "probably" it is an experience....

My basic principle in audio is simple: dont upgrade till after you had rightfully embed your audio system, acoustically, mechanically and electrically....

Then there is only one nugget and it need only a finite set of simple experiments to verify it, if i can correct you....😌

My best to you and happy christmas....
There’s a 1m pair of Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference ICs (original version) on eBay for $229.  Very warm sounding but still nicely detailed so may help push you in the right direction for not much $.  Cardas Golden Cross would be another IC to look at.  Best of luck. 
Just use EQ via DSP. Don't be stubborn. Every recording you own has been EQ to some extent. It is a valid tool except in the audiophile community. Download REW and buy a Mic, and you will never look back.

Maybe they should not cross at all. They could point straight across the room.

I asked because I have the similarly designed O/96's and they sound terrible pointed straight out.  In my room they sound best with the tweeters crossing right at the listening position which is how John DeVore suggests as a starting point when adjusting toe-in.  Even opened just a little bit loses a lot of sound quality/soundstage in my room.  I thought you were suggesting some form of extreme toe-in which piqued my curiosity as I had never tried that before - until this evening.  Nope, that degrades sound as well so back to the way I had it.
Well, really depends. Going only on the measurements, it does seem you can reduce the treble quite a bit by using the toe-in.

Obviously, don't make them suck. :)
If you decide to experiment with cables,research Triode Wire Labs. Their power cables are very effective (especially with digital) at taming aggressive high frequencies. Thirty day audition period to return if they don't work out for you.
Thick drapes and fine tuning the speaker positions as others have mentioned will help.
Erik suggested WireWorld Eclipse interconnect/speaker cables.  These are good to help calm down things, but only if you get the "copper only" cables. 

In addition, get some basic level copper-only gold-plated Audioquest power cords.  The combination of their copper-only solid core conductors and gold-plated plugs will really help calm down the harshness and highs.  It will also smooth out the sound compared to stranded power cords.
I recently ordered aTriode Wire lab cord and await its delivery !
Apparently stuck in USPS morass 
TWL is very good.  I use a Digital American on my CDP.
Solution found:
I await my TWL digital cord.
In the meantime I rotated a Luna Orange Power Cord ( from my amplifier) into my CD player and noted immediate relief; the treble is much better controlled!
Hopefully the TWL digital cord will work as well and allow for the return of the Luna to my amplifier.
Thanks for all of the advice and suggestions.
Stay safe!  The vaccine is here; but till them do what Dr Fauci recommends.

Try a sheet of 3/4 oz dacron behind the front wall curtain.