Tuning a room - how to find a good pro

Does anyone in the SoCal region know of a good person to come in and evaluate/treat my listening room? I think the room is the weakest link in my current system and would like to squeeze as much out of the room as possible.


If by any chance you cannot find a room specialist in your area and if you have a dealer that carries Copland Products they have a room correction product called the Copland DRC-205 which is supposed to be a snap to setup and use.Just put it inbetween your source(cdp) and amp or in a tape loop if you have one,set up the mike in the listening position and press the auto correction button..
I personally never tried one but did hear that it works pretty good.You can also do manual correction..Mabey someone who has tried one can give their personal hands on input.
web site is www.copland.dk
Gary Sokolitch, Newport Beach, and you might convince Vince Mestre of Mestre-Grieve to make recommendations. Gary has actually designed many acoustic measurements, Vince usually works on airports but really knows his stuff. Neither one of them would treat it personally, but both of them know acoustics:) If you just want to try room acoustics, I know a good dealer who if you develop a relationship with you, will let you borrow things like Shakti and try them out, much cheaper that way I suspect.
We do this all over the world. Our dealers go to the client home and take actual acoustical measurements, then we do the analysis and design. We have dealers in your area.

Call Bruce Pham in the North Texas area. He will guide you well. Shoot me an email for his info.

Best of luck
Thanks guys - I'll chew on these suggestions a bit and see what "tastes good".