Tungsram vs sovtek 12AX7 Gain question

I replaced the Sovtek 12ax7 with a RAM N.O.S.Tungsram 12ax7.The Ram is MUCH quieter.I used to get rush at 11 now I have to turn it up to between1-2 to get the same level of rush.I wonder if the sovtek is higher gain.I've switched the tube many times without touching the volumn.Its very hard to tell if one has more gain(volumn)than the other."maybe"the sovtek is a bit louder my ears tell me.Paul,from Ram said the ram is not low gain.The gain of the Ram is 41-45 Does anyone know the gain of a LPS?
The Tungsram sounds sweeter and smoother than the sovtek L.P.S.I think it has a nicer tone.Is any one familiar with this tube.I only bought one for my Rogue 99 phonostage.If I replace the 2nd L.P.S.will it even get quieter and nicer sounding? Albert,Where are you when I need you?
If you want even still sweeter and nicer tone, go to the Telefunken 12AX7, It has absolutely no equal. I cannot speak as to noise level, as every tube must be tested for gain, microphonics and noise. That's what Kevin at Upscale does, but be prepared to pay dearly for Tele's. And yes, I agree that the Tungsram is sweeter than the Sovtek LPS. The only comment I made about the Sovtek is that it is very quiet (the selected ones, like from Aesthetix), and that it was the ONLY tube made by Sovtek that I liked. All the rest are terrible, and I don't make that comment to be mean. There are simply better tubes in every type and model number, than the ones manufactured by Sovtek. In response to your direct question, the volume control is not a good judgement of the signal to noise ratio of the tubes. As you state, there are differences in gain, and even as important, tonal balance. For instance, the Sovtek is fairly bright on the top end, making it easier and more prominent to bear hiss, noise or what ever description you make of it. On the second tube to reduce the noise further? My common sense guess is yes, if you liked the first one, more of the same should make you happier. I still think you should try some very low noise Telefunkens, so you can see what the ultimate is.