Tungsram Mil. Spec and Industrial Grade Tubes info

- Hi All -

" I shouldn't come as a surpise to most of you whom have been following my responses or opinions offered here on all things Tubular?, - that these have become one of my all time favorite brand of tubes in both the 12AU7 &~ 12AX7 Family.

~ Of late I've found several sources for these overseas. And have been offered either versions of -
Mil. Spec or Industrial Grade Made between the periods of 1961 - 1974.

Has anyone here had any expierence with either of these designs?, as I've been told that both were tested for higher tolerance over the more common versions Made in the 1980s.

I'm looking to purchase between 6 - 10 pairs of each 12AU7/E82CC and 12AX7/7025 versions of these tubes
- along with 4 pairs each of the more common yellow =(T)= texted NOS 63 - 1972 versions as well.

- This is merely a way of asking others here whom might have listened to either of these in the past?, on sharing your views on either as to their overall sound.

Which I shall assume to be better then the NOS 80s versions?.

Just seeking more advice as these appear to be a very nice find to me. One I've had an opportunity to listen to these in - depth I'll share my opinions of both versions here, for all to see as I believe these tubes have a very loyal following by most whom have seriously taken the time to listen to them in the first place."