Tungsol tubes- What do these 's mean???

Hello As a Tube newbie- I have a pair of the Canary Ref.Ones-They take 3-6SN7GTB per amp -They have 3 of the tungsol's in them BUT they are different numbers:
322KM3,322MD3,322DK3,322HH3- These are all long bottles- then there are 2 short bottles?? (1 each amp)-322NE3,- 322NK3
The question I have is #1 are these good tubes or should I look for better- #2- What do the differnt #'s mean- #3- Why is 1 out of the 3 a short bottle?
The amp also takes 1- 6SL7 - Which currently is a National Electronics-6SL7GT- Again is this a top flight tube or should I be looking for others?- I truly appreciate all your help and answers- gary
Hi, Gary:

Tung-Sols are generally good tubes. The most prized version has round plates. I believe the numbers are just date and/or factory codes. I'm not sure about National Electronics, but someone else will help you soon, I'm sure. How do the amps sound to your ears?
Best wishes,