Tuners which one is better ?

I am looking at two tuners a Marantz ST6000 and an older Parasound TD/Q1600. Has any body compaired these two? Also what about mods?
I have a Carver CT-17 pre-amp/tuner now that seems to beat out both.
Thanks for your time and input !!!

Bob, go to tunerinfocenter.com and you can spend the next week looking at tuners. TIC says the Marantz is an ok modern tuner, and nobody knows anything about the Parasound...probably meaning it's not worth the bother, but hey, for $26 may be a bargain.

For the same money there are much better tuners that aren't that much older.

Good luck, L'wood
My tuner is best, you know the Luxman T117...its the best Bob, dont bother asking, it was spawn from the Tuner Gods the day before they rested.
Its clearly the best because you traded me for the Parasound hehehehe.