tuners under 1000?

I'm new to the tuner game, mostly because I hate listening to commercials. I also didn't realize how good radio sounds coming through a high end system until recently.

Can anyone suggest a good tuner under $1000? It would be nice to find a tube tuner, since the rest of my system is tube. Any suggestions?
Luxman from the late 70s early 80s are very tough to beat. Analogue and very musical. You need to step up to the Magnum Dynalabs and Sequerras to beat them. I've owned several tuners throughout the years and choose them.
Check out this site. http://www.geocities.com/tunerinfo/index.html#Don%20Scott
Kt88, this is a question that comes up every month or two and seems to get pretty much the sames replies. The fact you requested a tube tuner is a little different than most and I am not familiar with those, but there are people that really like the tube tuners.

For best bang for your buck, I would recommend a vintage tuner. There were some great tuners made through the 70's and early 80's when they were more popular, for whatever reason.

As an example, I used the Fanfare FT-1A tuner for over a year, it is a nice tuner and I really enjoyed it, but I sold it and purchased a Yamaha T-2 from the late 70's early 80's. The T-2 has and edge, IMO, in performance but the Fanfare has the remote and presets. But I purchased the T-2 for $368!

I recommend that you spend a little time at this site: http://www.geocities.com/tunerinfo/

Also, you may want to contact Don Scott at bdscott@nac.net.
Creek T43, not tube, but a very warm sounding unit. I think you would like it. ~$700.
Check out these websites. Has information on most of the classic tuners.



Depending on the money, there are a few choices. MR67 and 71 McIntosh, the 71 pretty much considered one of the pinnacles in tube tuners, the 67 just a good tube tuner. Easy to find and fairly easy to get serviced. Then you can also go find a Scott 350B, for 150, spend another 100 on average to have it gone through and aligned, will represent a great listening value, though doe's not have mute, and a couple of later features. Some swear by the Fishers,l but I never heard one that I though was eceptional for the money being asked for it.
Does anyone read the posts that came before them? You all keep repeating the same information from the first post?
I'm very pleased with Magnum Dynalab, which I bought used for $ 600. Near CD quality when the signal is good
Must be something to it then. When I posted my response there were no others.
Proton AT670 if you can find one. I have one in my bedroom system that I think sounds every bit as good as my Magnum Dynalab Etude, and offers more features, though the Etude tunes easier. Both sound great.
Hey I got some good advice, BTW no one mentioned Kenwood which is recomended by one of the websites above as " the best " I have been looking at tuners on ebay as well as audiogon, and so far from the pics they all have a toaster cord for a power cord. Are all tuners this way?

thanks for the advice.
Kenwoods can be good. Kt 88, the vintage tuners do have the toaster cords. The best mods include an update to an IEC cord so one can use the "hose" of their choice. You are right,it does make a diff.
Power cords are a new thing (1990s). Most old gear of any type has a toaster cord. I have a simple Kenwood T6500 in one system. These can be had for around $50/$60. Sounds much better than most under $400 digital tuners.
I have been seriously considering buying a used Sansui. I know people regard the 717 as being a good model. But how about the 517, or the 317? Does anyone have experience with them? Are they analog?
KT_88, yes they are analog. I have a Sansaui 717, though I am not using it, the little I have, it deserves the credit it gets, if you don't mind a larger tuner.

Talk with Don Scott about a 517, he told me not long ago he had one he modded and he was very impressed with it.
Cool, except I don't have a clue how to contact Don Scott :) Can you give me a hint?
LOL - Sorry about that, Don's e-mail is bdscott@nac.net. You can also find info on him at the Tuner site http://www.geocities.com/tunerinfo/ (FWIW, Don used to review for S-phile, he now mods and sells tuners.)

Is it just me or is the Tuner site down every once in awhile, causing you to come back later...anyone?
Cool, I'll send him a e-mail. I decided to buy a Sansui TU-717. Since I have never had a tuner I'm sure it will sound great. " Ignorance is bliss " But from what I read it is a good tuner for the money.
Look for a Mac MR-71.
Brianmgrarcom - Yahoo shuts down TunerInfo whenever the rate of data transfer in a given hour exceeds their limits (too many hits), usually once or twice a day. They're trying to get us to pay a few bucks a month to increase capacity, but since we don't make any money from the site we don't particularly want to spend any. When it goes down, no one gets in - not even the webmaster (me). On my list of things to do is to compress all the photos to try to cut down on data transfer. -Eric
As always Eric, thanks for the information.
Does anyone have a Luxman 800 tuner amplifier circuit diagram?
Since someone is looking for a Luxman R800 receiver circuit diagram, I figured I may as well ask if anyone knows where I could dig up the left volume control for one of them. Mine has disappeared.... I would pay a reasonable amount to get one shipped and make the uint whole again.

Gil in BC, Canada
This is a very nice tuner for the money, you can pick up a used Charlie for around $300.00 but are hard to find.