Tuners: late 80's Sony Es, Pioneer elite,etc....

Looking for a vintage tuner circa late 80s with wood side panels,etc...prefer one with tuning knob and "digital" tuning...at any rate...the Pioneer F series and the Sony es series come to mind...and clear cut winners?
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Fore extensive comparisons, reviews, recommendations, etc. go to:


It's a very informative site.

forget the woodpanels; you want pretty or performance?

accuphase t100
sansui tu 9900
sansui tux1
McIntosh MR74 (great buy and great performance)

if you find one and it is less than 150
onkyo T9 quartz locked tuner....rarely found and almost unknown
McIntosh MR7082.............
The Pioneer F-91 Elite was nice, simulated rosewood panels and all. Sounded good too........
Onkyo T-9090 Mk.II. No tuning"knob" though.