tuners - do new ones need burn-in time

I just purchased a new Musical Fidelity A3 tuner. The signal is very clean but overall,the broadcasts sound fairly bright. I'm wondering if a richer, fuller sound will
develop after burn-in. And if so, how long?
What you should do is wait ; run the sucker 24/7 for at least 6 days/ then get back to us with the improvements. Brightness and no bass are typical of not burned-in items. What makes you think a tuner doesn't need this??
Also that sound it typical of "cold" soild state equipment, so let it warm up for about 1.5 days. My next suggestion would be a better AC cord.
Well, I waited two weeks of 24/7 to allow burn-in on the
Musical Fidelity A3. It mellowed ever so slightly. So,
I called MF in England and asked a few questions. They
said 2 days would be enough. Also, they changed the ciruitry (sonics) away from standard warm,smooth British
sound. They wanted to create a more dynamic range in the tuner to compensate for the flat compressed signals coming
over the air. So, they high and the lows were more pronounced - but at the expense of the mid bass. The
tuner didn't sound bad - just not as musical as I would have liked. Thanks for your input!