Tuner website on Geocities ???

What happened to it ??? I tried logging onto it all last week-end and couldn't get into it. I just tried logging onto it Saturday morning and it comes up as an invalid page. I somehow lost their email address ( i think that Eric ran the site ), so can't contact them directly either. Anybody know what the low-down is ??? Sean

The tuner website is back up with quite a few updates and additions. Sean
Some of the back pages work. I know the guys who run it. I just emailed them in case they did not know about the problem because of the Holiday.


I just heard back from Eric. He does not know why it is down, and added that he probably won't be able to get help from Geocities over the holiday.

It has been down for a couple of days, I don't know what's up.
"A communications error occurred. Please try again" Like Sean I've been trying to log on to http://www.geocities.com/tunerinfo/ with no luck.

I bought a Sansui TU-517 and I'm looking for info on it.
Here's the URL:


Sometimes it is not available because it is a free web site and Yahoo! limits the amount of data that can transfer through this web sites. When this happens you get a generic Yahoo! informational page that is useless to site visitors. It only serves to encourage the site owner to pay for a bigger web site. This punishes the site visitor, not the site owner who has no incentive to pay for a bigger web site because sites like the tuner web site are hobbies, not businesses.