Tuner Vs. 4DTV music channels

I was wondering if anyone has done some head to head comparisons with a good tuner versus the satellite music channels.

I have a Fanfare FT-1A tuner, which is very musical and not fatiguing. Anyone have some comparisons they could share their thoughts on?
Yes, I have done this comparison. If your local FM stations are doing a good job with broadcast quality (only you would know for your area), then the FM tuner will win. The free music channel signals from DTV are very compressed, and the DSS receiver box has a limited quality power supply, shielding, and RCA output jacks. The appeal of the DSS receiver is that you can also support the broadcast (movie) images with sound from your stereo, provided they are in the room together. I no longer use a FM tuner and instead, rely on the DSS for my "musical wallpaper." A huge factor in this decision was the lack of quality FM music broadcasts in my market. The space and cash investment required to set up a great tuner simply did not balance with the time I spent listening to that format. Only you know if any ( or all) of these factors are relevant in your own system, and how important each one may be. I hope this helps with your decision.
I have a tuner; Sansui 7700..I have the Sony DSS a2a (something like that) (The first w/ dig. out.) Had Theta do their 1k mod /included was a coax out.I also have Purcell US and Theta 5a W/ 24/96.The sound is quite close to that from my Data 3.Even mono movies,like "The Competition" sparkle.I am dissapointed with the 2 classical stations.I listen on a boom box, to LA's kmtz all day. Tune after tune is a great piece. On dss few pieces from the 'basic repertoire' is my only dissappointment. I love the station selection for fm, but the sound is waaaaay behind dss.
Also use a Sat receiver w/dig out into Dip Super Drive into Classe dacs and sounds better than my Classe tuner-1, which is a good sounding tuner. The DTV music channels sound like Avguygeorge stated, as good as the Transport into the same Dac. Better than the NYC FM stations. CD Quality using a Sat Receiver w/Dig Out into Monarchy Dip Super Drive into a quality Dac. Try it Albert.
Thanks,Mikec;glad to hear someone else chime in on this. I'll be listening to sat. music;and hear details I never heard before./ Or detals more clearlly. This, on things I own, and just haven't played in a long while.And how's this for low details? In home alone 1: there is a scene in the movie (just as he goes into the church) containing a long sustained,low organ note.It changes pitch, momenterally stops,I never noticed this before.It is quite menacing,but pure music. So there are no compressed lows I am aware of.
The Dip Super Drive has a 3db gain on the BNC output. Maybe the digital satellite signal coming out of the ird (sat receiver) and being processed by the Dip SD into a good dac has a positive effect. But the sound is very good. Yes George, very clear and detailed and low bass. Not the same without the Dip SD or with the Analog RCA output as Albert describes. I can imagine what the Purcell Upsampler and Gen 5A w/24/96 does. Yes the DTV music channels if used w/a dig out IRD and like mentioned above will be much better than a high quality tuner and most lower quality CD systems.
I have to admit that I was using the standard audio out jacks on my Sony DSS receiver. Mine is one of the first models built, and does not provide a digital output signal. I made the comparison of the DSS music channels against a Marantz 10B, which is my all time favorite FM tuner. I do not doubt that an outboard converter is vastly superior to the one inside this very inexpensive DSS receiver. I am pleased to hear about this option, any will try it when I upgrade my DSS receiver.
Hi Albert, if you decide to try a new DSS Receiver, be careful of certain Sony Receivers with the dig out. The Sony models A50, A55, A4 are known to have problems with the dig out. I use a RCA DRD515RD but is discontinued. The second generation Sony A2 as George has is a very good IRD but is long discontinued and only has PCM dig out (OPT). The newer models have DD and PCM dig options. Ck on audioreview for input on certain models. The Dip Super Drive can be had for only 199 by going to www.monarchyaudio.com. No need to buy the more expensive 24/96 capeable Dip SD. I can imagine what the DTV programing will sound like with your system. And yes very true certain channels are very compressed but the music channels sound fine. The upsampler that George uses is expensive and no doubt sounds great but for good "wallpaper music" the Dip SD and good Dac will please. If need any more info Albert just get in touch. Thanks Mike
Albert maybe i should give you some options about some newer DSS Systems. For example the RCA DTC100 has a dig out but also is a HDTV Tuner and HDTV Sat reciever and much more. As a HDTV Tuner, it will allow you to receive your local HD programing on reg network tv. I don't know about your area but here in the NY area, there is alot of primetime programming being broadcast in HD. This programing you can receive with the DTC100, HDTV Attennae and HDTV capable tv. For Satellite HDTV you will need to change or add a HDTV dish (inexpensive) and have a HDTV capable tv. This is the most logical choice if looking to replace your older DSS receiver for one with a dig out. Even if, at the present you don't own a HDTV TV. Like it or not we all will replacing our analog tv's for digital ones in the near future as all programing will be digital. This technoledgy has been capable since the 70s in this country and Japan has been watching high resolution tv for many years. Its an economic and political thing. But its finally here. Enjoy/Mike
Mikec, I appreciate your thoughtful information, I did not know about the HDTV option with DSS. I am going to have to do some extensive reconstruction to my living/listening room this year, so I will have to postpone any video purchases until that is over. I copied your two postings and pasted them into note pad for safe keeping. Thank you.
Thanks for the responses to this message. There has been much discussed about DSS, but does anyone have any knowledge about the 4dtv receivers for C-band? I know little about these. www.4dtv.com I went to this site to see if it had digital out, but unless I overlooked something, I couldn't determine. These receivers are not cheap, about $700.

Thanks again!
Hi Brian, i'm not familiar with C-Band but see no reason why some model C-Band receivers shouldn't have an audio dig output. Its still a digital satellite system. Ck with a C-Band sat receiver retailer and ask if they carry any receivers with a audio dig out. Than get back to inform others.
I remember reading an article that was a sort of shoot out between both.The article says in picture AND sound the BIG DISH was better.
What exactly is a dip super drive?
Digital interface processor by www.monarchyaudio.com
Is the Dip Super Drive the same as the Genises Digital lens?
Don't know, does the Lens demodulate the incoming data, bring the data back to 1 and 0, regenerate and reclock the data, clean up the signal, take 83% of jitter out of the Toslink, 50% from the RCA Coax (the Theta TLC actually adds jitter to the RCA Coax) and than processes the signal. Not to mention the Super Drive adds a BNC (best dig connection) output with a 3db gain for a long cable run up to 100ft but works wonders on a standard 1.5m dig cable. I don't know, does the Digital Lens do this? "Take a DIP" (superdrive)
AT&T and I2s are usually better than bncs.