Tuner Questions

What a bummer about the crash, I was enjoying the thread about tuners, as I am about to purchase one. Could the person that started it repost their question? Also, those that had responeded, could you respond again?
Yes,I too had withdrawals.I too was fascinated by the "tuner info"from Nanderson.(A tuner God?)I did write down the "best"They were:Yamaha C T 7000;tx1000u,AucuphaseT100 I presume that thread was lost??
I had not seen the original. But FM is an excellent topic. With a proper tuner, FM is truly a "source". I have been lucky enough to use many tuners over the years. From the Yamaha T-2 and CT-7000, to various others (including the vastly under-rated Classe T-1) to the current Magnum Dynalab MD-108.....FM can bring much joy and pleasure in pure listening time, however, it is unmatched in the ability to introduce the listener to new music they may wish to explore. People that have lived through poor receivers and poor seperate FM tuners....truly, do not know what they are missing. I write this as I am listening to a local public radio, late night, Jazz program.... and find myself, again, writing down music to consider buying.
Thanks Whatjd, you are encouraging me all the more to buy the new tuner; I am planning on the Fanfare FT-1A. I am looking forward to hearing FM in a new light and hearing music I wasn't aware of.
I'm also interested in purchasing a tuner and glad this thread is back. I don't have a lot of knowledge about them. I was considering the Magnum Dynalab Etude or 102, but now I'm not sure after the comments about some of these other tuners. I didn't see mention of these before. How do they compare? I would also be interested in antenna opinions.
Keiman421, it sounds like we are/were looking at the same tuners. I have read many good things about the Magnum Dynalab tuners. The Etude has a great reputation and has been around for years. I have read a Stereophile report on the Fanfare FT-1, they said it is very comparable to the Etude is sonics, yet it has some feature advantages and they are the same price. I have never seen either one in person, from pictures, I love the look of the MD. But I have to agree with some of the points in the Stereophile article, therefore, the plan is to order the Fanfare FT-1a tomorrow. As for antenna's, I bought the Fanfare FM-2G, Magnaum Dynalab has the same basic antenna, the ST-2 for about $85.
i've heard the magnum ft101a, & it's excellent, tho i wouldn't trade my onix bwd1 w/soap power supply for one! also, tandberg & revox make excellent-sounding tuners for not-too-much-money, if ya want to buy used. as far as new tuners go, the magnums are the only ones i've actually had experience with - only second-hand info about the rest. but, as far as antennae, get an outdoor antenna by antenna performance specialties - a *world* of difference for *any* tuner!!!! http://www.antennaperformance.com/
Before the crash, didn't someone mention the McIntosh MR78 as a great tuner?