Tuner Mavens

I'm starting a search for the forgotten component-a nice tuner. Any thoughts on how to initiate the project?
Do you want a remote-controlled digital tuner/a non-remote digital or an analog tuner? The greatest audio bargains can be found in older tuners. I'm using an indoor antenna from www.ccrane. com called the "FM Reflect" which works well. (But, an attic or outdoor antenna works the best.)First decide whether if you want a remote.(If you do the Rotel RT-940AX would be a fine choice and well as a Marantz ST-59/6000, Yamaha TX-540 or any Yamaha Remote capable series (RS) tuner, to name a few of the choices.) If you could get by w/o the convenience of a remote (and have available rack space) the choices are overwhelming! Vintage Kenwood/Sansui/Marantz/McIntosch/Pioneer...Good Luck in your quest! Bill
Start (and maybe end) here http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/
I have a Sony 550 ES, A magnum dynalab 101 and a vintage marantz with the flywheel tuning. I like the Marantz the best. Very easy to use, great reception and great sound. I decided against spending any more on a tuner when I got a personal tour of the local classical station in PGH-When they aren't using single bit sony 300 disc changers, they are using compressed audio from a massive hard drive!
How can you have any quality sound from that? I quit and am spending money on LPs. Unless you are in a big market like NYC, you won't find anyone transmitting high quality sound.
Check out http://www.fmtunerinfo.com for the best info on tuners.
Hi-end modern digital was out of my price range... after much research, went with a vintage Fisher 100B; mint, with original wood case, I paid $150 about 2 years ago (loaded with Bugle Boys and Mullards) -- haven't looked back, it's phenomenal, although I don't really have point of comparison.
This is a little late in coming, but for the money, you simply will not beat a Sony ST-S730ES. They're relatively common, and usually around only $200 or so, which is an absolute bargain. Do not that this is not a DX machine, but more of an audiophile oriented machine. You won't find it on fmtunerinfo.com because none of us has gotten around to lauding its glories in a decent review yet.

All of the tuners being built currently by companies like Parasound and Rotel are junk. Sony's current SA50ES is also junk. You might also look for a Kenwood KT-3300D. I have one, but your chances of finding one are fairly slim. This tuner is essentially the same circuity as the renouned L-1000T, but missing the ultra narrow bandwidth and remote. Also on the digital short (and available) list are a Denon TU-800, a Luxman T-117 or T-02 (good deal on Agon right now), or Pioneer F-99X or F-90. All of these are available for $300 or less if you keep your eyes open. I left out a whole lot of digital tuners that are great machines, but virtually impossible to find. Magnums, IMHO, are a comparative ripoff on the used market, although they are nice looking machines.

If you're willing to spend about $600 or so, pick up a nice Tandberg 3001. This was an incredibly advanced machine, and is still better than virtually anything else ever made at any price. You'll never look back. I have no idea what your budget is, so pick what suits you best. Very few tuners would warrant spending more than the Tandberg. This is one area where you can get off cheap, and absolutely MUST buy used. No current production tuners are worth owning, save the monstrously expensive MD-108, which a complete and total screw at the price. Hope this helps.