Tuner into Cable jack?

On a diagram of possible connections that comes with a new McIntosh component, they suggest routing a line between the "Cable Company Connection" and the FM Antenna jack on a tuner.
I had been considering adding a tuner (hence my inclusion of this post in the Analog section, I think tuners are considered analog...) but have had to postpone due to inability to get an antenna effectively running in my apartment. However if I could simply run a cable in between a cable TV jack and my tuner, that would be problem solved.
Has anyone done this before? Does this work? I had never heard of this possibility until seeing it on the diagram.
Again for context I am in an apartment building. Thanks.
Some cable companies ( very few ) provide FM broadcasts. You will have to call your cable provider to find out if they offer that service! I doubt that they do!
Including FM on cable was once common, although it usually resulted in a pretty noisy signal, but I think that service was typically dropped in the transition to digital TV. You could just plug your cable into a tuner antenna jack and see if it works, but I think it’s unlikely.
Damn. Will likely give FiOS a call and check but doubtful from what I'm seeing online. 
That would have been great!
I have a feeling that all it will do is act as an antenna, but I am guessing.  One way to find out.

You might try posting the question in the FM Tuners group on Groups.io or searching there.
Fuzz, if it would have been quicker to try it I would have tried it.
I do not own a tuner and only plan to invest in one if I can make good use of it. I am not buying one just to test this cable jack premise.
Decades ago- in the 90's, my cable company did offer FM through the cable, but it was noisy ground loop hum. There was a device I bought that addressed that without killing the signal.  Fast forward- a year or 2 ago out of curiosity, I tried again- no FM on cable. With Internet radio I guess the need went away for the most part.