Tuner in New York City - how to improve signal

I posted some time ago asking for tuner recommendations in New York City:


Thanks to everyone who responded.

I'm now a happy owner of a Magnum Dynalab 108. I have a long outdoor antenna set up just inside my window on the west side of my apartment. (Building rules prohibit an outside hook-up.) WGBO in Newark, NJ reception is generally good, but it mutes in and out on some days -- it's the one station that I really care about.

Does anyone have comments on products like the Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth? Would and how does that help with reception, and what's the trade-off in sound quality?
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Sleuth will definitly help.I have a 7 foot tall indoor antenna.It helps as I'm on the ground floor facing the back of 6 story buildings.I get WBGO fairly good depending on the day and weather. cheers