Tuner Gurus: Opinion on Sansui TU-9900 vs. TU-919

Do any of you have an opinion on how these two tuners compare in sound quality and reception.

Thanks for any responses.
I haven't heard either, though they are both very well respected as some of the best; you may find the info at these links helpful.

Brain, thanks so much for the websites. Very interesting.
No problem, do you own either of these?
I have a 9900. It is very good and totally changes my impression on FM radio. Unfortunately, do not have experience on 919 and can not provide the comparison.
Cdma, thanks for your response.

I don't own either of these. I have been using a Mac MR 78 for 15 years, and had recently heard good things about these two tuners. I was trying to decide whether I might want to switch to one of the Sansui's. I listen to the tuner more than any other source, and enjoy having one that really sounds good.

Cdma, I read on the High-endaudio.com website that the 9900 was excelent but was a little "dark sounding, so the ultra-highs may be rolled off." Does it sound that way to you?
My MR 78 seems a little rolled off on the ultra highs as well.
NOt in my opinion !
In fmtunerinfo web, go to sansui page and read the words on 9900. If their words and ranking make any sense, it won't dissapoint you ! I had not listened to FM often becasue of its poor performance, not any more after I got my 9900. But one key point, you got to have good FM reception/signal, so good antena (and preamp maybe) might be a must.
Cdma, thanks for the first hand information on the 9900.
One more point that can not be too emphasiezd for good FM reception is the alignment. If you are handy you can also try replacing the caps on the audio signal path, which is what I plan to do next.

Check http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/ricochets.html#TU-919
My observation aligned with the review's comments !
Believe it, TU-9900 is that good !
Hi Rus,
Thanks for pointing that out. Sounds like your ears are as golden as the experts!