Tuner doesn't get any signal anymore

Hi, My tuner used to always work, but now it gets a 00 signal no matter what FM station I try. The antenna is hooked up the some way as before. It's a Linn Kudos. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks . . . Dave

I'd suggest you direct your question to Ed at "Antenna Performance Specialist". He's one of the most knowledgable tuner guys on the planet.

The APS website is also very informative.
I don't know if it affects the strength that shows, but when I first got my Kudos I got no stations. It turned out that I had set the minimum signal strength value too high - it was at 50 and my strongest signal was 42. Maybe this has happened to yours.
Sounds like time for service & alignment (not a DIYer).
Does the unit have a fuse?