Tuner condensation

I noticed just lately on my Kenwood 8300 tuner the clear plastic at the edges has a slight moisture buildup. I was wondering how dangerous was this, and should I open up the tuner and possibly treat and clean this up? On some dry days I noticed it to be clear and fine and yes of course on higher humidity days the buildup at the edges only seems to appear. I am living at the moment in a tropical climate in Florida, so yes I would have to say that this is most common to this area. I was just wondering from some of my fellow Audiogoners what their opinions and what they had to do to remedy this problem.Thank you all who do respond.
Is the moisture on the inside? Treating may seal the moisture in. Remember that any air ventilation on the tuner's case will allow the moisture in as well. If there is moisture on the glass, there may be more where you cannot see.

Buy a room dehumidifier and run it when you are not listening.
If you keep tuner turned on, even when you are not listening, this should not happen. Do you keep it on 24/7 ?
I also have a 8300 but havent noticed any moisture.My humidity levels are lower than yours however.I dont have a good fix except possibly an occasional blast from a can of air or a vacuum cleaner to dry things out.I know thats a pain if its in a rack or an inconvienent[sp] location.The above post is good to remember.Would you happen to have an owners manual?Thanks,Bob
Thank you for your response. I do not leave it on 24/7 so this could account for the moisture buildup.
Try the Yahoo FM tuner forum, they might have some ideas.
It's possible about the Yahoo forum; however, there is an old Chinese proverb(isn't it amazing these are things we can pretty well universally appreciate from the Chinese?)that states ~ 'it's better to spend 5 minutes with an expert than talk endlessly with the less knowledgeable'.I think this forum provides more expertise in these matters than Yahoo.