I have an Adcom GFA-585 Limited Edition Power Amp. I have a pair of KEF 105/3s bi-wired to the Adcom amp. I have a strange problem that I've noticed recently. With the Adcom amp on and all other components off, I can still hear (faintly) FM radio (from my receiver?)in my speakers!?! The receiver is a Pioneer VSX D1S. I use the receiver as my pre-amp, tuner and to connect my tv, dvd, and vcr. When I turn off the Adcom amp, the "noise" in the speakers stops.

The station I hear is NOT the one to which the receiver is currently tuned. I still hear the station when the receiver has a different selector (say...VCR) selected instead of the tuner. I do not live near a radio station. Should I call a audio technician, electrician or exorcist?

Classic case of radio frequency interference. Moving the components around a little and changing the path of the cables may cure the problem. Check the archived posts. This type of question has been answered before.
try powering off the amp, then disconnect the inputs & power it back on. Check for the RFI; if not present then reconnect the interconnects but now with the Rx powered off.
Repeat the test, power the Rx back on. You could also try some different interconnects - finding these problems is a simple process of elimination.