Tune.Remote Iphone app - great for iPod Docks

I just wanted to share this iPhone app I just got. It is called Tune.Remote. It lets one IOS device act as a remote for another IOS device, using Wifi.

As an example, I have it installed on my iPhone 4 and my 64 GB iPod touch (the touch is loaded with my CD collection at 320K AAC and is in an Onkyo ND-S1 dock). So I can use my iphone to control what the touch is playing - the iPhone shows all songs, albums, artists, and playlists that are on the iPod touch, and lets me choose what is playing.

It is also nice because the iPhone will display whatever current song is playing, in case the source ipod/iphone is to far away to see easily.

It's not quite perfect. You can't use it to remote control any apps but it is still pretty useful.

Sounds like a very nice app. A device I recently came across with palm in your hand convenience, is the the Xantech BT6 bluetooth wireless dock. My ipod touch transmits to the dock which is wired into my integrated amp. Sounds pretty darn good and is fun to use.