Tune of the Day

"Blue Rondo a la Turk"  on the Two Generations of Brubeck album.  Wow.

There are many fine versions of this tune, but this one gets me dancing, clapping, fist-pounding, whatever, every time....and it's not easy to dance in, what, 9/8?  I love tunes that grow, build, develop, and move through changes.  This one just picks me up and takes me right along with it.  Great melding of jazz and rock idioms, too.  It's fun to imagine Dave Brubeck setting the groove and then sitting back to hear where his kids and their friends take it. 

You can continue exploring Dave and the kids on Two Generations of Brubeck, "The Great Spirit Made Us All".  And Chris Brubeck's rock/jazz band Sky King on "Secret Sauce".

For extra credit, give a "spin" to Chase, "Bochawa" from their last album, Pure Music.

Anyway, that's my two cents today.

Stinkfoot - Frank Zappa
"I Saw The Light" Spoon
child of vision.  Supertramp

Hearing a new true Rock ’n’ Roll song is a rarity these days. If you crave that music, you will find "Frankie Please" on Rodney Crowell’s excellent 2014 Tarpaper Sky album. The piano playing on the song is in the Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard style. The album is full of great songs, singing, harmonizing, and musicianship.

For you LP purists, the album is available in that format. On the dependable New West Records label.

"Susan's House" Eels