Tune of the Day

"Blue Rondo a la Turk"  on the Two Generations of Brubeck album.  Wow.

There are many fine versions of this tune, but this one gets me dancing, clapping, fist-pounding, whatever, every time....and it's not easy to dance in, what, 9/8?  I love tunes that grow, build, develop, and move through changes.  This one just picks me up and takes me right along with it.  Great melding of jazz and rock idioms, too.  It's fun to imagine Dave Brubeck setting the groove and then sitting back to hear where his kids and their friends take it. 

You can continue exploring Dave and the kids on Two Generations of Brubeck, "The Great Spirit Made Us All".  And Chris Brubeck's rock/jazz band Sky King on "Secret Sauce".

For extra credit, give a "spin" to Chase, "Bochawa" from their last album, Pure Music.

Anyway, that's my two cents today.


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"Unsuffer Me" Lucinda Williams
"Pinball Wizard" The Who
"Good Shepherd" Jefferson Airplane
Yola "Love All Night (Work All Day)"
" Maybe on Monday" Calexico
"Unknown Legend" Neil Young
"The Minutes"  Eyelids
"Blue Arrangements"  Silver Jews
"Daylight" Eric Bachmann
"Tennessee Mud" Trigger Hippy
"Fair Warning" Van Halen
"Rainbow Demons" Uriah Heep
"Hallelujah" Ryan Bingham
"All Choked Up Again" Ryan Bingham
"Spinning Wheel" Blood Sweat & Years"
Hi mofi,

Long time.

Here is one. I have a feeling I'll add one more later.

Luna "Friendly Advice"
Hi astro58go,

Nice to see another Luna fan here. I read a review on Amazon about Luna, it went something like this... "if there is a house band in heaven, Luna would be it". I concur.

Happy Listening.

Good info, thanks!
Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers "Jubilation Day"
Cake "Long Line of Cars"
next Saturday's tune...

Bruce Cockburn "If I Had a Rocket Launcher"

Damien Rice "I Don't Want To Change You"
Frida "I Know There's Something Going On"
A weeks worth of 80's music...one day at a time....

Talk Talk "It's My Life"
Psychedelic Furs "Mr. Jones"
Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls"
Eurythmics  "Sweet Dreams"
INXS "Devil Inside"


The Decemberists  "From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)"
Suzanne Vega "Calypso"
..just one more.....it just speaks So deeply...

Smog "Teenage Spaceship"

Happy Listening!
Mark Knopfler "Madonna's Daughter"
Sorry people, I meant (David) Knopfler.
one more please?>>>

Trower "Somebody Calling"........thank you!
Neil Young "Old King"
John Fogerty "Natural Thing"
oh yeah...TURN IT UP!

Your post of David Bowie, moved me to listen through "Let's Dance" for the first time in years.

I have fond memories. This (lp) was playing on a system that included Spica TC-50 speakers years ago when I was a budding audiophile. At the time, I had Klipsch KG-4's. I later sold them and purchased a pair of Spica TC-50i's. They are still in a closet.

Bowie will always be awesome!

Ronnie Montrose... I was always really bummed when really, no one much, acknowledged his passing years ago.  IMO, he was one of the greats!
"Colors" Edie Brickell

FWIW.... M.Ward does an interesting interpretation of "Let's Dance" that you may enjoy. I always liked it.

Drive-By Truckers "Little Bonnie"
just to name a couple of artists' records he played on/with...

Van Morrison "Tupelo Honey"
Edgar Winter  "They Only Come Out at Night"
Eels "Bombs Away"
Brandi Carlile "Save Part Of Yourself"

Interesting. I posted this lp in another thread a couple of hours before this.

Good taste is infectious!

Merry Christmas
Drive-by Truckers "Guns of Umpqua"

Music has always been my "free" therapy.
Giant Sand "Can't Find Love"!!!
one more please??

I listened to my copy of (Classic Records) Led Zeppelin "S/T" the other week.

It sounded fantastic! It needs to be on a list of best freshman lps of all time.

"Your Time Is Gonna Come"!

give it another chance?
Peter Schilling  "Major Tom (Coming Home) / Major Tom, Part II"

I think astro58go referred to Shuggie's version earlier. Thanks for clearing it up!