tune a tube tester

Who do you suggest I contact to calibrate my tube tester. Its a Dyna-Jet 707.


It's really pretty easy to do it yourself. All you need is some resistors, a screwdriver and a multimeter. I did mine today and it took less than an hour and I am not what one would call handy.
is there a location I can get instructions?
The dyna jet 707 is really a B&K 707 tube tester. Dyna Jet is a propriatory name for the upper half of the tester. The manual can be had here: ftp://bama.sbc.edu/downloads/b&k/707/
You will need the plugin to read .djvu files which can be had from here: http://www.lizardtech.com/download/dl_download.php?detail=doc_djvu_plugin&platform=win