Tulsa, Oklahoma

Email if your are interested. It would be great to hear other systems and check out tweaks.
Mcamanus, I don't live in the Tulsa area but OKC. Yours is the only posting I've seen for this state. There is a demonstration of different audio components going on in Tulsa at the end of April. I'm going to try to go. Should be an interesting experience. A frequent poster here, Duke Lejeune will be there with some equipment from his store. More information is in the Miscellaneous forum under GPA(Great Plains Audio)
Hey, i live in tulsa as well, i'll probably check out the event in april.
Trying to contact Reade aka Readster

please email me with info
thanks Mark
I live here in Tulsa as well; current rig is mac mini, J Keny box modded (battery pwrd) HiFace feeding the bnc input of an Eastern Electric tubed DAC (the new one using the Sabre chip), with a Grant Fidelity 300B SET integrated amp, pwring Daedalus Audio DA-RMa speakers, augmented by a REL Strata III sub.
I live in Moore, was a group ever established anywhere in our state?