Tuff question= Banana plug to adapt to Spade ?

My Pass 350.5 Amp only can accept spades.

There is a set of used speaker cables that I would like to purchase but they have banana's on all ends.
I know there are many adaptors that can adapt the other way, but I dont recall every seeing the adaptor the way I have descibed.
Without resorting to re-termination , is there any type of adaptor that can adapt the speaker cable banana ends to fit in my Amps spade ?
I am serious, Please no bananna jokes! Well maybe a few , but only if I get my answer.
DAYTON SPCO-GRB COMPRESSION SPADE - these work nicely. The can be used to terminate bare wire, and also banana plugs fit very snuggly into the end.
Thanks, I have thought the item should look something like that spade compression.

On the set you refer to , wouldn't the banana plugs get squeezed and compressed thus reducing resale value??

It seems that all the spade needs is a proper banana jack on the end to accept a banana plug.
Ozzy -- if I assume the rest of your system is the same caliber as your amplifier (can I do that?) then I suggest you to "do it right" and have your speaker cables re-terminated. Even if you solder spades onto the bananas, you are creating a Rube Goldberg conglomeration of sound-degrading electrical interfaces -- and for what?

In fact, have spades installed on both ends if your speakers accept them too, because bananas (unless the locking kind, and not just a "push" connection) are an inferior connection IMO.
The way the Daytons are set up, the inner channel of the compression sleeve is the same size, and it's machined like the banana jack on a 5-way binding post. That is, it's designed to receive a banana plug. It will do no more damage than the banana jack does. Nsgarh's advice may be batter, but these are cheam, well made, and a nice thing to have handy I've used them numerous times in banana plugs for a quick adapter.
I am going to look into the Daytons, sounds like an option if not just a inner step.
But, Nsgarh's advise is heard and understood.
I have a APL Denon going direct via Cyberlights P2A to the Pass Labs Amp (no preamp).
I am using Legacy Focus Speakers. The Speaker cable I am looking at is Nordost Valhalla.
Man you should be fiven an award from the Audiogon Moderator.
You are the Man!. I just got the spades from Parts Express and they do in fact double as a banana adapter!
Thanks for the help!
If I ever again send out Christmas Cards , I will put you on my list.
Man you should be given an award from the Audiogon Moderator.
You are the Man!. I just got the spades from Parts Express and they do in fact double as a banana adapter!
Thanks for the help!
If I ever again send out Christmas Cards , I will put you on my list.
LOL! Thanks Ozzy, I think you're the first guy I've impressed this month :-)

Glad they work for you.
Bdgregory, Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for.

I know adapters are not the best solution and there may be some degradation but it is a cheap experiment since I already have two identical pairs of very good speaker cables. Bless Parts Express for providing the option of economical U.S. Postal Service shipment for small items.

Now I can experiment to see if the addition of a second set of speaker cables offsets any negative from the adapters. As a plus, I get to lose the jumpers at the speaker end. Kind of a trade off. Adapters at the amp end replace jumpers at the speaker end.

I am still open to other options if anyone knows about other adapters.
I use these attractive and reasonably priced PSAudio spade>>banana adaptors:
along with the gold "forks" to attach the fat Purist speaker cable spades to my old-fashioned McIntosh barrier strip:
Everything is gold plated, and the PSAudio bananas are heavy duty spring-loaded, perfect for someone (me?) who might obsess over sliding connections ;-)
OZZY - You made this sooooooo easy once you said Nordost bananas. Nordost makes an EXCELLENT banana to spade adapter that fits perfectly and tightly into their bananas and uses gold plated spades. The cost for a set of 4 is somewhere around $54.00, so it's even economical! Your local Nordost dealer should be able to help.
I have purchased Virtual Dyanmics Rev 2 biwire with spades so I no longer have a problem as originally posted.

This is an old posting but still revelant because of the original question.

That is...

Why is there not an adapter for converting a banana plug to a spade , since the other way is readily available?

The spades sold by Parts Express do work in this way, but they are not designed for this purpose.

Nsgarch, the adapaters that I was seeking are the other way.
What I was looking to do was to adapt speaker cables that had banana ends to be used with a Power Amp that will only accept spades.

Jwpstayman, I will contact Nordost, hope they are the adapters I have described above.
Bananas are garbage. Have the wires reterminated.