Tuck and Patti "chocolate moment"

The more I listen to this Cd the more I truly appreciate the husband wife duo incredible talents,the Unverisal pressing is a pure and mininialist recording is a MUST have for not only for the music but the way engineers make this CD so fresh and clean.Imagine this CD in a SACD format!!! in my dreams..A must listen for audio lovers who appreciates talented artist in a deservably excellent recorded medium...
A few year ago I bought "Reckless Precision" which is a CD of Tuck's warm, dazzling solo guitar. It's still one of the best sounding CDs in my collection... is on the Private Music label. I guess Tuck and Patti have changed labels, but recording quality and engineering remains excellent.
Tuck and Patti are recording on their own label now. I saw them live at a Borders book store performing last year. You had to be there... they made it look so easy.

So far, I still like their first album "Tears of Joy" best.
I like the Dream Cd better but on a recording quality aspect the Chocolate Moment CD is more fluid and fresher than their previous CD's..whats your take on Tuck's Recless Precision CD.. his style of playing is so effortless and interesting,does this CD brings out his talent?..hows the "audiophile" quality of the CD itself...