tubesforhifi VTA sp14 or shiit freya

any thoughts on a VTA sp14 for about $1,000 or a shiit freya preamp for $700?  I would be using it with a hafler 500 that has been restored with new caps and dahlquist dq10s or dq20s with the thought of buying a pair of magnepan .7 or 1.7s in the fall.  I have a marantz 8005 cd player or pandora as a source.  My room is 18 by 24  thanks, alex
Easy, VTA SP14. Roy can help you improve it as well if you want it to truly sing. Either way as much as I like my Freya, the SP14 is in another class all together. I am not sure if Roy has finished his move or not. It's possible that he just hasn't updated his site, you should email him. If you want a last preamp, Don Sachs does some major upgrades to it, but I believe that he has a pretty long waiting list. Ray knows most of Don's mods and can get you pretty close if you are in a hurry. Anyway, the SP14 is the last preamp you'll likely buy. If you get a standard one you can always go back and hot rod it later.
thank you lous.  I have read all of both of their sites.  I am not sure the rest of my equipment is at the level to match Don's hot rod models.  I have emailed Roy and he was really helpful.  I might get the basic SP14 with upgraded tubes from Roy.
I've had an SP14 for several years now, which I built stock then upgraded as funds allowed. 
I've brought home preamps from VAC and McIntosh and preferred the SP14. 
The Freya gets criticism simply for being too inexpensive (and a wide range of other opinions it seems, none I've found that really relate to my experience with it, except bright LEDs), and as I’ve never heard one of the well regarded Sachs preamps I can’t comment on them...but I can say I’ve really enjoyed my Freya (bought last December) with NOS Sylvania 6SN7GTB "Chrome Domes" and was thinking recently that the 128 step attenuator is something I’ve really come to appreciate...I use this thing with a 12WPC SEP amp and 99db efficient speakers so any hum or tone issue would jump in my face, and none do. A great preamp by any standard.
Another very happy Freya owner here.  A $1000 budget would get you the  Freya with $ left for some decent ICs and NOS tubes.  The Freya is very responsive to changes in cabling and tubes.  I've been using 1950s-era NOS RCAs and GEs in the gain stage.  With noise-tested tubes it is dead silent, even with volume full up and ear only inches from drivers.  Good luck in your decision.     
"The Freya gets criticism simply for being too inexpensive "

wolf, I see you mention this often that its inexpensive. $700 is not as inexpensive as you may think given the other options out there. You can get a brand new two chassis tube preamp from Mapletree Audio for $800 or the Unlimited preamp from Aric Audio for a little more. And if you go used many more options including preamps from Conrad Johnson.
Not saying its a bad choice just that not as inexpensive as you think.

I can clarify my thinking for you kalali...For a NEW preamp it's less expensive than everything you noted, and if I see a great sounding balanced tube preamp out there with the interesting and unique pile of features the Freya has for 700 bucks, I'll maybe change my thinking. Somebody may start making something to compete with it, but so far there's nothing I've noticed...Otherwise, it seems to be exactly as inexpensive as I think it is.