tubes4hifi SP14 preamp and Psvane CV181 Tii tubes


Just a word of caution to those who may be considering the recommendation of many owners to upgrade their tubes4hifi SP14 tubes to the Psvane CV181T Mark II.

The tubes get universal high marks from the reviews I have seen. I opted for the top of the line, buying the Grade A quality from Grant Fidelity at $290 for the matched pair.

Sound is extraordinary. Tubes appear to be of the highest quality.

Unfortunately, the tubes are too tall to fit in the standard chassis. They will not clear the top lid.

My research prior to purchase failed to reveal this as a problem and I am now faced with selling the tubes at a substantial loss, using the preamp without the lid, or drilling holes in it so the tubes will clear the lid. None of those are considered satisfactory solutions.

Has anyone else had this experience, and if so how did you deal with it.

See the attached link for photo. I have placed the chassis lid upside down behind the tubes so you can see the lack of clearance.
Two choices if you want to keep the Psvane pair: leave the. cover off (will not affect sound quality). Take the cover to a sheet metal shop and have two holes punched (won't cost much). Don't fret obsessively - choose one or the other! 
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Get plastic standoffs/spacers, to raise your top cover a bit. Any hardware store should have those, for pennies each, and the longer screws you’ll need. ie:     If vibrations concern you; the top can be rendered about as stable as designed, by using a 1/4 or 3/8" thick by 1/2 to 3/4" wide plastic strip, front and back, with holes drilled, where they're needed.
If enough clearance on the bottom, change the standoffs of the PCB to shorter one.
Or replace the tube sockets to shorter one.
@rodman99999 I like the standoff idea.  Lets the tubes clear and provides some additional ventilation.  

Or, if you're into replacing the tube sockets and feel like getting crazy, you could copy Don Sachs' modifications and put the tube sockets on the reverse of the circuit board and then mount it upside down so that the tubes are exposed on the top of the case.