Tubes with Tylers

Hello to all, I'm thinking of trying some tube amps and have Tyler Acoustics Ref III speakers and like to get some feedback on what tube amps have worked well with them. Budget is $2500 and will buy used. I'm looking at Rogue 120 monos, AES six pacs, Dodd monos etc, etc. I have heard good things about these three amps, any others I should be looking at? Thanks.
You'll get plenty of responses, but be sure to pose the same question to Ty, as he often, if not almost always, uses tubes with his speakers at CES and other shows
Check out the Jadis JA 30s' on Audiogon for 3400.00. I've had a pair for 8 years and love them. I've done side by side compairisons to other tubed amps(VTL MB 450s were not even close to the sound or control of the JA 30s') and like the Jadis better. I know it's 900.00 over your budget but they are well worth it. Mine have been bullet proof and the are cheap to roll tubes with as the are only 4 power tubes.

How do you like the Tylers?

I don't know about the Ref III's, but I know that with the Tyler Signature's, tubes don't work very well unless you have tons of tube power. I tried some 70-watt class A mono's with the Sig's and it sucked. The speakers draw all kinds of power.

Used an old 200watt solid state amp with much better results but even that was being taxed by the Sig's.

Again, I don't know about the Ref III's, but I'm going to guess that all Tyler's would prefer a lot of solid state power over some tube power.
Hi Jsawhitlock, I have been driving my Tyler Acoustics Linbrook System II's with a sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE amp with fantastic results. I think that of the amps that you mention you should try the Rogue's because of their greater power output. My system is in a spare bedroom which is not that large(15x12x8 or so). Both the the System II and Taylo Ref 3 share a similar load so I feel tubes should work rather well for you. Give it a shot and of course be sure to report back.
Hey Jeff
Just some feedback on the rogue amps. As you know, I use the Rogue Zeus with my new ref 3's and they are phenomenal. The more the speakers break-in the better they sound. The rogue m-150's use the same circuitry as the zeus. Also another recommendation for amps is the new
Nu-Force solid state mono blocks. There is a dealer in
San jose, ca. The name of the place is Audible Arts. These amps are 160 watts into 8 ohms and 300 into 4 ohms. The best thing about them is that they only cost around $2,500 new. I have heard them up against the vtl mb-450's and they were every bit as good, maybe better. They are a brand new technology that is solid state but has much of the same qualities as tube gear. If I was to get a new set of amps tomorrow these would be 1 of two that I would consider. Hope this helps.
I ran a Jolida JD1000 tubed Integrated on my Tylers with success. I have essentially the Ref 3's you have but my bass woofer is the SEAS 10". I have since gone back to solid state amp with a tubed preamp. Personally I like the solid state slam and quickness over some tube amps I have tried.

I know Ty has used quite a few Jolida integrated amps with several of his speakers and they sounded great. Hell at one time he was using an 8 watt 300B on his Woodmeres. I have pretty much heard in the last 5-6 years all his amps and preamps on his speakers. Helped that I used to live in ;)
FWIW I have some Tyler Linbrook Sig Systems 1 piece and I have driven them with a 35 wt EL34 amp, a 35 wt KT88 amp, a 80wt KT88 amp, and a 160 wt 6550 amp. The only difference I hear in my medium size room at volumes which don't overload the room, is the differences in the amps themselves, not the power output of the amp. The small amps are driven off the 4 ohm taps and the large amps off the 8 ohm taps. The only amp that I disliked was a 100 wt SS amp which was downright dullish even thought it has plenty of current. Personally I preferred the 80 watt PP tube amp off its 8 ohm tap. More than enuf power for the bass - tight & full. The small amps were not as tight (EL34's) or aas deep (KT88) but I think that had more to do with design than anything else.
Thanks to all for the suggestions, however Iv'e decided to get a tube preamp and keep my Classe amps for now as I need to feed my second hobby (auto racing) were running two cars this year so I must put the audio upgrades on hold for a bit.
I bet your system sounds pretty good. I have the tyler ref monitors. I use a classe 201 and a cary SLP 308 with MIT MH 750 shotgun biwire with great results. I have also used an Audio Research LS2B which mated well, but switched to a remote controlled pre. I also thought about tube amps but am pretty happy with current system. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth. Good luck racing this season...ed