Tubes with Thiel 2.4's

I recently downsized my system. I had been using a Pass X250.5/X-1 combo. I've been using a BAT VK-300x in the interim with very good results. Now, I would like to move to a tube amp or amps. I've been considering the following:

BAT VK-60. Later on I would probably add another. I'm just concerned that the VK-60 would have enough power with the Thiel's.

ARC VT-100 Mk II. From all I have read, this could be a very good match.

Rogue M150's or M120's.

VTL MB-125's.

I am open to other options. I am just concerned about having enough power with any of these choices. I listen to primarily classic rock (Neil Young, Tom Petty, Dire Straits, etc.). My room is 16' x 22' x 9'. I know there are probably better choices with more power, but these seem to be the best choices within my budget. I haven't decided on a preamp yet. I would rather decide on the amp and match a preamp with it.

Thanks in advance,
I have a buddy that has the Rogue 150's (he had them upgraded from the 120's) driving a pair of Vandy 2 sig's and they sound great. And they sound great too. The 150's are much better than the 120's. Never heard the others so I can't comment. Good luck.
Just curious how the Pass setup sounded with your Thiel's, as I would have thought it would be a great match. I used a VT-100 Mk2 with Thiel 2.3's, and it was fine.Just felt I needed more power in the lower octaves, but 2.4's are supposedly a much easier load, so you might be very happy.
The X250.5/X-1 combo was very good with the 2.4's as long as you were listening to a good recording. Sometimes older, lesser quality CD's were tough to listen to. I'd say an X250.5 with a good tube preamp would be a good combo with the Thiels.