Tubes with Martin logan summit X

Has anyone used tube amps on these spkrs They dip down to .8
at 20k would a tube amp work?
"Would a tube amp work?" Probably not all that well but I am sure you will hear tell of people using tube amps with Martin Logans. There are always a few.
If you like tube amps like I do, find a more reasonable load for them to drive. Usually not e-stats but cones and domes wich maintain reasonably high and steady impedances. That said, there are tube amps which can handle difficult loads and ones where it wouldn't makes sense to try like a small SET. For instance, I drive 92dB/W/M with a min 3.6 Ohm speakers with 78 wpc parallel push pull tube monoblocs with excellent results.
Yes, a good quality tube amplifier with a minimum of 100 watts will drive the Summit X speakers very nicely.
I own the original Summits (not the X) and drive them with a Rogue M180 with what I beleive are excellent results.