Tubes with Infinity IRS Betas

I have always ran my mid/high panels on my Betas with a krell Fpb400cx. A friend let me borrow A pair of Primaluna Prolouge 6 Amps with Kit-120 tubes. They sound really nice but I am not sure if they are powerful enough for the Job. I have a line on a nice set of Vtl 300 deluxe mono blocks. I quess my question is what would I gain with the extra power. I listen at maybe moderate levels at best. 
One tube amp designed specifically for problematic low impedance loudspeakers is the Music Reference RM-200. It even has a 1 ohm tap! 100w/ch from a pair of KT-88 or 6550 tubes/ch.
I recommend a new set of x-overs from (Fort Lauderdale, FL). 
SS amps like the big Threshold Class A mono’s with preferably ARC tube mono’s driving the mid/high panels is a well worn path. I recall Arnie Nudell voiced the IRS speakers with ARC tubes up top. The key is you need powerful ss amps to drive the bass towers, and reasonably powerful tube mono’s to drive the mid/high panels. Basically the more power, the better.
One solution for such an impedance curve is a set of ZEROs ( which will put the Betas in the range that most tube amps can handle.

We were an Infinity dealer, everything except IRS
the Big CJ Premier 1 had the needed gruntbut sounded even better with an Acoustat amp driving the low end
as Melbguy says

imo more problematic is integrating the bass towers into the room and not ending up with a seriously screwed up sense of depth
i always took the Opus 3 depth of image LP with me when setting up..

oh ya, I still do !!!!

have fun
great speakers