tubes with b&w

My system is Consonance droplet CD, Rotel RB-1080, and B&W 804's. I have a largish room and am looking to upgrade my amp. I was looking for a fuller, more immediate sound and was wondering if anybody would recomend tubes. Would tubes be a good match with b&w? 5k is the limit new or used

Yes! I have the B&w N805, Bag End 18" sub, with Rogue Stereo 90 Amp and Conrad Johnson Premier 14 preamp, with PS Audio xStream Resolution Transendent cables through out system except for speaker cable is the PS audio resolution Reference.
My system has always captivated my interest and GRAPPED my attention....impossible to concentrate while reading a magazine while listening to music....Tubes truely helped make the connection!!! With the right tubes, an acoustic guitar can sound natrual and fooled into believing you are there!!! (not just acoustic guitar but any musical instrument that is not amplified.) I do love rock, jazz, rap, heavy metal, country, heck, really anything that has been recorded well!!! Tubes have a fuller, richer, blacker background than I've experience with solid state.
Note on Tube Maintenance: Today, most tube amps will not require a lot of maintenance. Such as biasing is much easier and not needed as fact I just recently replaced the tubes in my preamp, which I puchased in Nov 1997. The Rogue amp I've had since 2000 and it was orginally the Rogue 80, but last year I upgraded it to the stereo 90 and have never replaced a tube (of course they put in new tubes when they upgraded), and only biased it when it arrived (different elevations will affect bias...I live at 6000+ feet.)
One last note: Although my system sounded beautiful in the past it wasn't until I recently re-wired my system with the PS Audio xStream Resolution cables that my system "homogenized", i.e. Turntable, cd player, tuner all had a different, but very good sound...once replaced with the same cable, I have reached my Nirvana and am now using my spare money to decorating the listening room. At last no longer looking or chasing after the ultimate sound!
There are many happy users with the combination. I know of several that are using McIntosh tube amplification and are very happy but note that the more power the better for B&Ws.
Listening right now to 802 matrixs with a Jolida 502brc tube integrated that sounds very,very good - as good if not better than the Meridian system I have (DSP-5000's)
You would certainly get fuller sound with tubes. I didn't use tubes with my previous N805 but a solid state Plinius amp and the sound was full and warm, in fact too warm for my tastes.
Had B&W matrix 804's used Conrad Johnson MV 52 and later their Premier 11a both to good account. Tubes adn B&W go good together
I would recommend a solid state amp, matched with a tubed preamp. That is what I have been using with my N803s for years now.

For the past 2 years I am enjoying my speakers paired with Pass Labs X250.5 amplifier. I had an Audio Research LS-25 preamplifier, Audio Research Reference One, and now have BAT VK-51SE. Tube preamps is all that's needed. I'd concentrate on the best solid state amp, but pair it with a tubed pre.

Keep in mind, B&Ws have warm and full midrange. This is their trait. If you are going with a tube amp for B&Ws, you need to be familiar with the sonic signature of that particular amp and you have to make sure it provides adequate power for your speakers.

Another option may be a hybrid amp, such as Moscode 401HR or one of the Blue Circle amplifiers. I'd still pair those with a tubed pre though, but one that is neutral.
I have 803Ss with a MAC SS amp and preamp. I found that the addition of a good tube DAC really made an enormous difference (Tube Audio Design DAC with French Mazda tubes).