Tubes vs Solid State - Imaging, Soundstaging, 3D

I have limited experience with tubes having had a couple tube amps with Gold Lion KT88s and EL34s. The majority of amps I have owned have been solid state. In my experience, SS always seems to image more sharply and offer the deepest, clearest field.

Is this common?
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Re: A rebel? Perhaps. A businessman first and foremost.

I hope I never become so ravaged by this hobby that I am openly hostile for the sake of attention as this poster. It looks like pasture time...
"Audio fan ravaged by hobby." details at 11.
Audio Fan ravaged

Taken out by oddus orderus harmonicas no doubt.
I am an audio rebel in that if I had my way, all high end audio kooks would be listening to funky looking omnidirectional speakers based on the Lincoln Walsh's design principles. ALso, everyone would shun most portable audio devices in that these would more likely still have to use conventional dynamic drivers.

I would probably also want a no NF amp just because it also represents a different and unique way to do things.

I would probably not use the two in the same system though. PRobably not a good match. :)
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