Tubes vs Solid State and the guilty party
For years the old saw of tube or solid state sound has worked its way into reviews. As amplification and preamplification have gotten better, that fissure is closing.  

And the guilty party IS?  It has been a long civil war, but the chasm has been narrowed.  Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers will soon be able to cross the line and be united.  

Will it take "The Vanishing"?  IS it where one will find the truth?  
This guys criteria are tone, volume, and bass? No wonder 3 people read him. That’s less than read me! That’s also three more than he deserves, based on this one anyway.

"The old saw" is just his lame attempt at a segue to talk about... "the old saw"! Don't know if he's a good reviewer, but as a writer he sucks!

Still, not as much as trying to turn cliche into war. Especially since "the war" was never really tube vs solid state. The war is between the listeners and the measurers.

The war is between the listeners and the measurers.
Until the measurement guys acknowledge the human hearing perceptual rules, that will continue to be the case.
Hm.... this is definitely not "cable break-in".  The measurements of tubes and solid states are like night and day so I am not sure if this is an issue.