Tubes Top End, SS bottom?

I love tubes on the highs and midrange, but can't get enough punch out of the bass on my Vandy 2ce's. I've been thinking that I should get a solid line amp, Aragon 4004 MkII to run the bottom. But will the speed of the solid state be out of phase with my old Dynaco St-70 on the top end? My preamp, an Aragon 24Ksp has two outs to amp. What is the most cost effective solution to my problem?
About 2 years back, I was running a Counterpoint Solid2 on my bottom (SS), and a Counterpoint SA-100 (hybrid tube) on my top end. The results were beautiful, with the "sweetness" of tubes right were they needed to be, while the bass was strong and tight. You do need to very careful to avoid a system mismatch. The gains and power curves from different amps can really throw things out of whack. The gain is going to be the most imediately crucial factor. For instance, if one has a gain of 32db and the other has a gain of 26db, the 32db one is going to scream over the 26db one. Many manufacturers do make different amps specifically designed for this purpose. Sadly, Counterpoint is out of business, but you can get good used equip for a song. Michael Elliots site, former Chief Designer for Counterpoint, runs ads, does repairs, upgrades, etc. if you're interested.
Alruhl is right on. I have heard those amps on Vandersteen 2C's, and they were quite nice together. Mixing amps can be very tricky. Usually works best with servo sub woofers. Perhaps using more neutral tube amps or warmer solid state amps would be a "sounder" course of action.
Actually, you know, I owned a Counterpoint SA-220 just up until last month, but traded it so I could buy the Vandy's.The Counterpoint was a nightmare...I sent it to back to CA three times. Do you guys know of amps that I could match to my Dynaco tube?
I have tried this combination with Threshold 200 and Cary tube amps. Both were respectful amps and had decent sound. I auditioned a pair of Wolcott amps and had the greatest sound to date in my system. They are tube amps with a 0 output impedance. The best bass Ive heard surpassing all ss amps and awesome mids and highs. You need to check these out.
Agree with Snook2. Wolcott amps are awesome. Aronov makes excellent tube amps with great bass as well.
To reinforce our likeness for Wolcott Amps read the current issue of TAS. These amps are being used for bi-amping the low end of a $100,000 reference system.