Tubes to digital

hi,I have a Arcam av8 prepro and a Arcam 139 cd-dvd player.I want to upgrade to use the 139 for my movies and perhaps the audio research CD-7(dedicated for my cds as I like separates.
QUESTION is-running the tube based cd-7 into the av-8,will there be a major improvement in the sound from the Ar-7 running into a solidstate prepro,or will it still have the character of the AV-8 as it is the last component in the chain.THANKS FOR ANY HELP.

Av-8,Dv-139,Benchmark Dac-1,Bryston 7b-sst X 3 monos,2x4b-ssts, Revel 50-as X3,S-30 surrounds,Velodyne DD15,GRC interconnects and Shunyata python helix pcs and Clearaudio champion II turntable.
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Hey Drummermitchell,

Sure there would be a substantial improvement, but your question does raise something to consider. A good 2 channel analog preamp will be much better sounding than any surround processor for music listening.

You might consider getting a CD3mkII or ARC's new CD5 (coming out very soon) and spending the left over cash on a good preamp with a processor unity gain input (HT pass through). I think that combination would yield far better results than the CD7 alone.

I'm an ARC dealer.
HI Dave,True enough(analog pre)would be the way to go,now ifn I can find a couple of hundred thousand to play with ,I surely would.My av-8 will have to do for now.what is a processor unity gain input(ht pass thru).I do have a bypass switch, that bypasses all digital circuitry and gives me analog(which I am running my cdp thru,Thanks, Don
Drummermitchell, I went from the AV-8 to a Ming DA MC2a3 dedicated 2 channel tube pre. It is like taking the blinds off a window and when you change out all the Chinese tubes it is like opening the window. You would be money ahead as well but then again there is no by-pass option on the pre.
Defenitely a different set up without a by-pass option. It is absolutely worth it to me though. As you well know the AV-8 is no slouch either.

My point was that you could spend about the same amount of money as you would have on the CD7 alone and get both a CD3mkII and a good ARC tube line stage.

For example:

CD7 = 9000

CD3mkII = 5500
LS17 Pre = 4000

That's within $500 of your target. Also, the CD3mkII has just been discontinued so you can get a good deal on a used or demo model and save some more $.
I'll be checking into that,Thanks dave.