Tubes-Suffer for Sound CD??????

I'm a fan of the Tubes and have come across a copy of their unreleased CD "Suffer for Sound" so here is my question; the listing says it is from 1998, now in all due honesty it should be a bootleg copy but, this is the very first time I have ever seen a copy (let alone a CD) so, I have contacted the owner about specifics of issuing company and Cat#. Being the fan that I am, would it be worth purchasing if it pans out, I'd hate to miss it, as it is as I've never gotten my hands on their now oop CD "Premium Gold Collection"??? Thanks for you opinion in advance.
Discogs has no release for it. It's likely a boot. If you're concerned about sound quality, maybe the seller can cut you a minute of in in flac or mp3 so you can check it out.

Sorry, can't comment on the CD, but I did have a question for you as you said you are a big fan of The Tubes.

Have you seen The Tubes play live recently? They still travel to Ohio annually in November for a show and I been considering going. I've seen them a couple of times in 1979 and 1994ish. Both were fun shows with the '79 show being at the top of their game and the '94 showing being a comeback tour (traveling in a Ryder rental truck vs. a huge tour-bus and semi-trucks).

I'm curious to know how the show has held up as the members have aged. Feedback anyone?
Reubent, I've seen the Tubes on at least 8 occasions now the last being a couple of years ago at a club here in Rochester, NY (and I still watch for 'em coming again) and I can tell you if I had the chance I'd be there again without any doubts! The "show" now is extremely sparse in comparison to before when the whole troupe was intact with dancers, and I sorely miss Mike Cotton, Bill Spooner and who can forget Vince Welnick. Fee still does some charcters like Quay Lewd and a couple more but, the music is still as tight as it's ever been and Roger Steen and Rick Anderson are as good as they ever have been and Prairie Prince (when he is able to make it) is simply premiere himself. Still wish they were releasing new music because I'd never stop buying and listening to it.
Seditious3 Thanks I didn't even think about that (for some unknown reason) but I'll ask.
Wow - a great topic about one of my favorite bands as a kid.

I see that 4 tracks from suffer for sound are released on the expanded edition of Remote Control, but from reading reviews those are not necessarily the best tracks.

How did the Suffer transaction work out? Was the disc worth it ans how did it sound, considering it's not an actual release.

Also for anyone who has seen them live recently. Was the show quite loud? I'd like to see them again, but not if it's a crank fest.

I'm looking to get "Now" on digital format but there are a few out there and I've read the expensive out of print is the best. I guess I'll hve to go back to my vinyl for that one.