tubes specs question

What do the specs on a tube box mean? Mine says, VN, Ram, Mic, Gain, PV. 29/42/7/56/23, 29/26,3,56,212. 56/56: AA, GRD= LN.
On the box it says "ram." It is Electro Harmonix tube.
Also, is it ok to touch tubes with the bare hand- do oils affect it? Or should I use gloves to remove after it has cooled down. How long should I wait for it to cool down?
Usually have transconductance or plate voltage, but it could all be gobbledygook! I use a tisue to wipe them before installation and put them in holding the tubes with the tissue. Gloves are ok, but seem like audiophile overkill to me. If you think the sound may be affected by oils from your fingers, you have been reading audio mags and boards like this for too long!